Next Steps

Ready to make the next step or get more involved at River?

We intentionally grow together through our life groups and other opportunities as we consistently challenge each other to take next steps in our spiritual journey. We serve our community through tangible acts whether it’s volunteering for the YMCA’s Circle of Champs, Guilderland Police Department’s National Night Out or Guilderland’s Little League.

We invest in people and communities outside of the United States. We currently send a team into the mountains of Central Mexico every year to help a pastor and a small church as they seek to serve others and start churches in neighboring communities. We think helping strengthen local efforts is the best way to create sustainable change in those communities.

Discover Class

We’d like to buy you lunch and get to know you better as you get to know us. We periodically hold a “Get to know you” class that will let you discover a little more about who we are as a church. It’s a great way to ask your questions and to better know our leaders and see if River of Life might be a potential fit for you.


We’re glad you’re thinking about baptism. It’s an important step for a new follower of Jesus Christ. Baptism doesn’t do anything to save a person. Neither does it help wash away their sins. Instead, it’s a way of telling the world you are an unashamed follower of Jesus Christ. If you’d like to be considered for baptism, let your interest be known to one of our leaders and they’ll follow up with you.


College Ministry

Students from several schools are a big part of our church. They regularly share how much they appreciate hanging out with other Christian students while being challenged to grow in their faith. They especially appreciate connecting with others in a family like atmosphere. Whether attending a service, hanging out in a home, or serving in a ministry together – we love to challenge our students to love Christ and to invest in others for the sake of the gospel!


Life Groups

Most churches have small groups and River of Life is no exception. Our Life Groups meet mostly in homes and are a great time of friendship and growing together. We mostly follow the Sunday morning teaching series in order to really focus on applying the truths of the Bible to our lives. Our groups also pray together and serve others together in addition to participating in fun activities throughout the year.


Outreach and Missions

More about Outreach at River